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Stock Screener | Money minting stocks – Equity Research Desk

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Money Minting stocks refers to the companies which are having a good cash conversion cycle (CCC) with the best cash management.  CCC is a great tool which measures the total…Continue Reading

Stock Screener | Undervalued Stocks – Equity Research Desk

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PE Ratio is one of the most widely used financial ratios for evaluating the valuation of stocks. From Benjamin Graham’s Era to the current world, the essence of the PE…Continue Reading

Stock Screener | Fundamental Players – Equity Research Desk

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Fundamental analysis of stocks will provide the real picture of the company. It gives the historical data of important factors like revenue growth, profitability, balance sheet strength, cash flow, valuation,…Continue Reading

Stock Screener | High Promoter Holding Stocks – Equity Research Desk

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Promoters or promoter groups are entities that hold a significant influence on the company. Promoters are usually the owners of the company. They often have a major stake in the…Continue Reading

Stock Screener | Zero Debt Stocks – Equity Research Desk

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The screener is based on the companies with literally zero debt on their balance sheet and a strong average Return on Equity. Zero debt companies are generally strong in fundamentals…Continue Reading

Stock Screener | Consistent Compounders – Equity Research Desk

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Consistent compounders are the stocks that mostly outperformed the market in a consistent way rather than a one-time show. In short, the stocks which have provided an excellent share price…Continue Reading

Stock Screener | Beaten Down Stocks – Equity Research Desk

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Beaten Down Stocks Buying a fundamentally strong stock in a beaten down state is a strategy as old as the stock market. Hunting for stocks at attractive valuations in the…Continue Reading