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Changes to FundsIndia’s Select Funds List

Mutual Fund Research Desk

It has been a year since the SEBI-mandated categorization exercise first began. The dust from the changes made by AMCs has since settled and there is more clarity now on…Continue Reading

Monthly Market Insight – March 2019

Mutual Fund Research Desk

The March 2019 edition of FundsIndia’s Monthly Market Insight discusses the performance of hybrid aggressive funds and earnings/growth trends in the banking sector. Broad markets enjoyed a bullish month, with…Continue Reading

Banks support earnings growth for the December 2018 quarter

Mutual Fund Research Desk

India Inc. saw a drop in profits for the December quarter. This was largely a result of exceptional losses in few large companies. For 496 out of the 500 BSE…Continue Reading

Monthly Market Insight – February 2019

Mutual Fund Research Desk

The February 2019 edition of FundsIndia’s Monthly Market Insight discusses the changes in the debt fund landscape and the various investment options that will help you build wealth. Broad markets…Continue Reading

Your investment options

Mutual Fund Research Desk

When you first start out to plan your finances, it is likely that you are overwhelmed with the options there are. There are a number of instruments that will help…Continue Reading

Monthly Market Insight – January 2019

Mutual Fund Research Desk

The January 2019 edition of FundsIndia’s Monthly Market Insight discusses the interim budget and how it could affect your tax outgo in the upcoming year. The Interim Budget of 2019…Continue Reading

Changes to FundsIndia’s Select Funds

Mutual Fund Research Desk

These are hard times for equity and cautious times for debt funds. But what we can tell you is that funds in the Select Funds list have weathered volatile times…Continue Reading

FundsIndia Explains – What is an SIP? What is it not?

Mutual Fund Research Desk

With over Rs 7,000 crore coming in each month, the SIP has become a byword for investing. But popular as it may be, the concept of it – what is…Continue Reading

Five tips for investing in the new year

Mutual Fund Research Desk

This new year, you may have made up your mind to save more or limit your impulsive splurge. And that’s a great resolution to make! We’re not going to tell…Continue Reading

Our top ten blogposts of 2018

Mutual Fund Research Desk

At this time last year, stock markets were on a tear. Everything seemed happy, and the new year seemed to carry that right on. But that euphoria was short-lived as…Continue Reading

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