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Dev Ashish writes about long-term investing and implementable personal finance ideas at – an initiative dedicated to sustainable wealth creation. An engineer by profession, he holds an MBA from a premier B-School in India, and has worked across the oil and gas, and banking sectors. A firm believer in the power of compounding, he propagates the benefits of frugal living and investment maximisation.

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Is waiting to pay off all the loans before investing a good strategy?

Dev Ashish

A close friend recently shared his financial pains with me. He had two problems in particular. He was earning well, but still wasn’t able to save anything. His second problem…Continue Reading

The importance of having reasonable expectations from your investments

Dev Ashish

The markets have this uncanny habit of making investors believe in their own superior investing skills during a bull phase. I’m reminded of the quote – ‘A rising tide lifts…Continue Reading

Savings, Investments and Insurance – Three Different Animals

Dev Ashish

Does the title surprise you? Then it’s mainly because you have been using these three terms interchangeably, without knowing the actual difference between them. Hopefully, at the end of this…Continue Reading

Earning more and more is not enough to retire well

Dev Ashish

Your good friend earns more than you and not surprisingly, he also spends more than you. This makes you feel like he is richer than you, and you think that…Continue Reading

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