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FundsIndia explains: Closed-ended Fixed Income Mutual Funds

Last week we looked at closed-ended mutual funds, and how they differ from open-ended mutual funds. We also took up in detail the other pros and cons of closed-ended equity funds. This week, we take up closed-ended debt funds; more specifically, FMPs. There are several other types of closed-ended debt funds which we will look […]

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FundsIndia explains : What are Closed-ended mutual funds

Most mutual funds are open-ended, that is, you can invest in that fund any time you please and also exit when you wish to. But some funds are classified as closed-ended. How are these different and what are their pros and cons? This article deals with it. What is an Open-ended mutual fund Open-ended mutual […]

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FundsIndia Views: The equity lessons in 2016

The close of 2016 seems to be echoing the start of 2016, with the stock markets on a downward slide. Sandwiched between these two declining phases was a period of joy ride, especially for mid-cap and small-cap segments of the market. Having contended with several bolts from the blue, the stock markets closed 2016 on […]

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FundsIndia explains: What to do if your AMC shuts shop

Over the past decade, especially after many foreign players entered the Indian mutual fund space, there have been several instances of fund houses calling it quits and exiting their business by selling their business to other players. In such instances, as investors, the first question in your mind would be what’s going to happen to […]

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Camera lens looking up - featured image for 'Exposure Matters' an article on FundsIndia Marketplace

Exposure Matters and Other Investing Insights From Photography

Exposure. ISO. White balance.  Aperture. If you’ve ever owned a camera you would surely come across these terms and many more. You probably remember the time when these terms changed from being abstract, barely-understood concepts to inputs integral to the making of your photograph. I remember the time when I was just a trigger happy […]

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2016 – a tough year for funds and Select Funds

If 2015 was a frustrating year for equities, 2016 was yet another. Key equity indices – Nifty or the BSE 100 have remained flat over the past 2 years. On a point-to-point return basis, funds linked to these benchmarks did not move much. And our Select Funds, despite holding a solid long-term track record, found […]

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The Three Step Guide to Owning Designer Products…

…With your fresher’s salary “Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” — Vivienne Westwood There’s just something about fashion that lures the soul, isn’t there? The caress of the soft fabric on our skin, the whiff of perfume carried on the breeze, the click-clack […]

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FundsIndia Explains – Scheme Information Document (SID)

Scheme Information Document (SID) provides investors with much of the information that you need to know about a scheme. You would have read disclaimers in mutual funds, telling you to read the SID before investing. But a SID can overwhelm you, going by the information overload that it carries. So, here’s what we would recommend […]

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Lessons from the gym can make you rich!

Health is wealth, isn’t it? The fitter you are in mind, body and soul, the happier you live. It’s hard not to agree with that. What’s interesting is that, there are lessons of financial health to be learnt from fitness trainers too! Are you wondering how? Well, picture this. You’re at the gym. For the […]

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FundsIndia Ratings – Criteria and Methodology

The universe of mutual funds in India is large and often leaves investors confused on what funds to go with. Understanding the fund strategy, their positioning, their risk profile, and applying these to their performance, become key factors in choosing a fund. At FundsIndia Research, we look at all these factors, including qualitative assessments about […]

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