Why invest with FundsIndia over opting for direct plans

SEBI regulations have made it cheaper for the investor to invest directly with the Mutual Funds Companies (AMCs) compared to investing using an investment service such as FundsIndia. The cheaper cost comes in the form of a lower expense ratio for the schemes available directly from the AMCs. We’re often asked by prospective clients why they should join us over going direct. Here’s why.

At FundsIndia, we offer our investors a host of value-added features and services that enrich their investment experience. Most of these services aren’t available on most direct investment platforms. A few examples of these:

  • Portfolios to help sort investments into different categories as per your goals, investment type and more
  • Free, award-winning investment advisory over email, chat or phone
  • Instant, personalised investment recommendations for your goals through our robo-advisor, Money Mitr
  • Flexible investment options that allow you to step-up, pause, stop or change your SIPs with just a few clicks
  • Instant portfolio reviews, detailed reports, and the Portfolio X-Ray feature – offered in collaboration with Morningstar – to help you track and review your investments with ease
  • Aggregation across products – Invest in not just mutual funds, but even stocks and deposits, all under one platform for effective monitoring of your entire financial health
  • Family accounts that help you track and  maintain your family’s investments in one place, with a single user ID

Also, we do not charge our mutual fund investors any brokerage, transaction or account maintenance fees. The trail commission from the AMC is the only source of revenue for us and enables us to offer all these services and more.

To summarise, FundsIndia is a one-stop shop for all your and your family’s investment needs.


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