Important communication regarding HDFC Hybrid Equity (earlier HDFC Balanced) and HDFC Balanced Advantage (earlier HDFC Prudence)

HDFC Balanced and HDFC Prudence have merged into HDFC Premier Multicap and HDFC Growth, respectively. The fund names have also changed after the merger.

With respect to this, please note the following points.

  1. Returns: Returns displayed currently are that of the surviving fund (HDFC Premier Multicap and HDFC Growth). However, in both these cases, the funds will follow the strategy of the original fund that was merged (HDFC Balanced and HDFC Prudence). In such cases, SEBI requires the original fund’s returns to be disclosed. We are therefore working with our data providers to ensure that we show the correct performance figures.
  2. Cost: Your investments (as of date of merger) in HDFC Balanced and HDFC Prudence have now moved to HDFC Hybrid Equity and HDFC Balanced Advantage, respectively. Hence, the value of your funds is now captured as your investment cost for the new fund. This cost is provided to us by the AMC. As a result, your annualized returns will also be captured only based on this cost and from the date of such merger. However, we are actively working on capturing your original transaction cost and history to ensure your investment cost and returns are displayed right.