How to send your documents to us

(Please read this article first for what documents to send for FundsIndia account opening)

At FundsIndia, we do require a few documents from our prospective customers for opening their account. These documents need to reach us in physical form before the account is fully activated.

However, if one is in a hurry, they can send us scanned documents to us (if they are already KYC registered), to get their account provisionally activated. This means that they can start investing immediately, but still, they would need to send the physical documents to us within 15 days for full activation.

So, how can an investor reach us the documents needed?

There are many ways – and we have a team of folks here to help you with just that – figuring out how to send us the documents. The best thing one can do is to call us at our number, or send an email to or open a chat window from our site to talk to a member in our Welcome Team.

Simply put, here are some of the mechanisms to get the documents to us:

  1. SkyPak services – in many cities around the country, we can send a SkyPak executive to come to your home and pickup the documents at an pre-determined time. In other cities, we also have arrangements with other service providers. Please talk to our welcome team to find out more details. This is probably the most convenient way to get us the docs.

  2. Pre-stamped envelopes – our staff can send you your application form along with pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes (business-reply envelopes) that you can use to simply send us the documents.

  3. Courier – If these two don’t work out, you can simply put your documents in a courier envelope and mail it to us at our Chennai address.

  4. Live here? Visit us! – If you happen to live in Chennai, we are located in the heart of the city in Nungambakkam. Please stop by to say hi and drop your documents off! 🙂

So, there are plenty of ways – self-help and assisted – that you can employ to get your documents to us. Remember, we are just a call away for help!