FundsIndia: Advisory services

FundsIndia is a very easy to use, pleasant system for doing investment transactions.

But that is just a start.

We do not just provide a platform for self-directed investors to implement their choices. We actively help them with their investments in various ways.

Even a person who has never done an investment before can come to FundsIndia and get going confidently. There are various methods through which they can get prudent, unbiased advise from our research and advisory teams:

  1.  FundsIndia Select Funds – For those who would like to know which are the best schemes in the market currently, we publish a curated list of funds as the “FundsIndia Select Funds” list. This list, put together by our research team, contains funds for all seasons and reasons. It would be hard to go wrong if one selects funds from this list.
  2. FundsIndia Pre-packaged portfolios – If you have a need, we have a portfolio for you. FundsIndia’s research team has created a portfolio by varieties of requirements – by time-frame of investment, by age, by risk level and more. Just a click can get you to invest or start a SIP in any of these portfolios.
  3. FundsIndia SIP designer – Want to create a personalized SIP portfolio just for you? No problem – just provide your age, number of years of investment, and the amount of investment, and our expert system will create a tailor-made portfolio for you. You can even swap funds from the resulting portfolio with a click of the button. Go ahead, try it now!
  4. On-call advisory services – If all these do not work, and you need specific advise, no problems! You can schedule an appointment with our advisors. We’ll call you and provide you the advice you need at the time of your convenience.
  5. There’s more – What if you need a full fledged financial planning service to take care of all your future planning needs? For this, FundsIndia offers a premium, paid service as well. Please see this page for details.

So, a FundsIndia investor is never alone without help – we are here to provide unbiased, expert help every step of the way!