FundsIndia: Where do we have branches?

FundsIndia is an online only financial service provider. That means, we do not have any branches outside of our main office in Chennai.

Why do we not have branches?

The answer is simple – we believe that there are many advantages to not having branches:

  1. We can keep our costs low, and pass on the benefits to our customers in the form of providing free services.
  2. We can keep our services consistent – having different branches means providing different levels of services across the organization. Being in one place enables us to provide a consistently high quality service to all our customers.
  3. We can react to changes quickly – the financial services world keeps changing every day, and being in one place reduces communication issues and helps us react to regulatory and industry changes quickly. Which means, our customers always get the most recent information promptly from us.

FundsIndia started off as a unique experiment in this regard, and we have been proven successful in the market with our model of operations. Our customers love us for the consistent high-quality service and support we provide, even while providing free services. We are able to do all this simply by being an online only operation, without branches.