FundsIndia: Safe and Secure

FundsIndia is in the financial service business. Security of information is of paramount concern in our organization.

True, in most cases, we are not the custodians of our customer’s investments – Mutual fund companies and their back offices take that responsibility. However, we do safe-keep investors’ documents and information apart from enabling transactions online via the Internet.

Documents and information

To ensure that all the information is safe and secure (as in, does not get lost and does not get stolen), we take a lot of precautions:

  1. All incoming documents are logged and scanned before processing to ensure there is record of receipt and for archival.
  2. After processing, all documents are stored sorted and stored in secure locations as archives that is accessible only to key employees for logged check-out and check-in.
  3. All information in the databases are behind firewalls and unavailable for any external, direct access.
  4. All information in databases are accessible only through secure, private networks by top level technical and operational staff.
  5. Our systems are constantly under scan for malicious software or virus both internally and externally. We also employ PCI scanning for intrusion protection and malware installations to ensure that our systems remain secure and clean.

Hence, all documents and information are stored safely and protected from any unauthorized access – internally or externally.

Communications communicates via the Internet with its customers for all transactions. All such communications are conducted via industry standard 128-bit encryption methods secured by authenticated certificates from international security certificate provided by Thawte Inc.

All online monetary transactions are accepted only via net-banking channels which are encrypted by the banking websites (second level of encryption).

All our security certificates can be verified here: