June 4, 2024 . Founders of FundsIndia

The Investors are requested to note that AXIS MF has given notice cum addendum for change in fundamental Attributes of Axis Special Situations Fund from 13th June 2024.

SID AND KIM OF AXIS Special Situations Fund (‘THE SCHEME’) EXIT Options and Advantages:

  • Scheme Name Change: The scheme name has been changed from Axis Special Situations Fund to Axis Innovation Fund, effective from June 13, 2024. 
  • Scheme Type and Theme: The scheme type and theme have transitioned from Special Situations to Innovation.
  • Investment Objective, Asset Allocation, and Strategy: Modifications have been made to the investment objective, asset allocation, and investment strategy of the fund.
  • Exit Window: The exit window offering is from May 14, 2024, to June 12, 2024 (both days inclusive). During this period, investors who do not consent to the changes may either switch to another Axis Mutual Fund scheme or redeem their investments at the applicable NAV without incurring any exit load.
  • Consent: Unit holders who do not opt for redemption on or before June 12, 2024 (upto 3 p.m.) shall be deemed to have consented to the changes specified herein above and shall continue to hold units in the scheme of Axis Mutual Fund.
  • Securities Transaction Tax (STT): It has been noted that STT charges, if applicable, will be borne by the AMC, not by the investor.
  • SIP Cancellation: Investors who have registered for SIP in the scheme and wish to discontinue their future investments must apply for the cancellation of their SIP registrations. 
  • Tax Implications: Investors should be reminded that redemption or switch-out of units may entail capital gain/loss, subject to tax implications as per prevailing income tax laws. In the case of NRI investors, TDS shall be deducted from the redemption proceeds in accordance with the prevailing income tax laws.
  • Applicable Exit Load: All transaction requests received on or after the effective date will be subject to any applicable exit load.

For more details, read the addendum.

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