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The job of a debt fund

A recent article by Dhirendra Kumar of Valueresearch ‘Debt funds’ self-inflicted losses’ came as a surprise. The article surprised me for some of the assumptions it made about debt fund as a product, about what investors want and about how fund managers act. First, the assumption that debt fund is inherently a capital preservation product […]

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FundsIndia Views: Should you worry about debt fund declines?

The single-day fall in medium and long-term debt funds ranging from 0.1% to 2.2% on February 8, 2017, following the Monetary Policy, might look alarming. There were also sections of the media blaming fund managers for betting on the Monetary Policy and losing money for investors.  Is this really the case? Why did we have […]

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FundsIndia explains: What are largecap funds?

Take any fund. Other than the returns numbers, which draw your immediate attention, look at the type of fund it is. Any portfolio recommendation or review will always mention the types or the categories of funds that make up the portfolio. Knowing what the category the fund belongs to is important, which we have explained […]

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Why borrowing and ‘investing’ in property is no longer attractive

For those of you looking at buying a house for letting out or simply investing in a second house, the tax laws may no longer be that kind to you. Budget 2017 proposes that any set-off of loss under the head ‘income from house property’ (under Section 71 of the Income Tax Act) against any […]

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FundsIndia Recommends: Tata India Tax Savings

In our previous Select Funds review, we had introduced Tata India Tax Savings in the tax-saving fund category. This fund has climbed steadily up the ranking charts since 2015, thanks to correct calls on sectors and stocks. It makes good use of the flexibility to move across market capitalisations, using the ongoing midcap rally to […]

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FundsIndia Explains: International funds

You have an option to invest in international markets through the mutual fund route. Indian mutual funds offer a host of funds that invest internationally. Called international funds, these funds invest in international equities or bonds and money market instruments. Let us look at the types of international funds and some of the pros and […]

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FundsIndia Views: Budget and after

In our 2017 outlook, we suggested that three key domestic developments (aside of external factors) would have a bearing on the markets. One being budget, the second being rate cuts and the third being earnings growth. With the budget being out, let us discuss what the budget can do for the economy and markets and […]

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FundsIndia explains: ELSS funds

Every year, around this time, there is enough talk floating around on ELSS and their tax benefits. For you to understand what ELSS funds are, what they do, and how they fit your investments, here is a quick FAQ. What is an ELSS? ELSS expands into Equity Linked Savings Scheme. An ELSS is a mutual […]

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FundsIndia Recommends: DSP BlackRock Income Opportunities

At a time when rates have dropped and are expected to drop further, investing in an income fund may seem incongruent. But it is a good move for many reasons. A good part of the duration rally is already past. Two, the currency withdrawal has hastened the pace of interest rate cuts by banks in […]

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FundsIndia explains: Closed-ended hybrid debt funds

Last week we discussed about closed -ended debt funds and one of the most popular closed-ended debt fund category – fixed maturity plans (FMP). In this article, we’ll discuss the other closed-ended debt options. FMPs invest their entire assets in debt instruments. Other closed-ended hybrid debt options such as capital-protection oriented schemes and dual advantage […]

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