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FundsIndia is India's first online-only investment service platform that serves customers country-wide and globally. We provide services in mutual funds, equities, deposits, tax-filing and more. We provide cost-effective financial products with value-added services that are beneficial to the customer.
About the company  
The FundsIndia platform is an initiative of Wealth India Financial Services Private Limited (WIFS). It was started in 2008 by two entrepreneurs - Mr. Srikanth and Mr. Chandra (pictured on the right). Both have decades of experience in the financial services industry in India and abroad. They are backed by a wonderful team of efficient and experienced professionals with technology and domain expertise. The company is located in Chennai.
Interesting and Innovative Services provides really useful, innovative services to investors. It provides a platform for investments in mutual funds, equities, deposits apart from a tax-filing platform (in partnership with TaxYogi). We are planning to unveil an insurance platform soon. Using leading technology platforms and innovative service designs, we provide ways for the investors to deploy, manage, and monitor their investments in ways not seen thus far in the Indian financial services industry.
Solid Partnership network  
39 Mutual fund companies - available online.
33 Banks - To facilitate as payment gateway for your investments.
7 Corporate - Fixed deposits online.
Equity Broking- National Stock Exchange equity broking services online.
Innovative services that we offer
1. Common login/folio for your Family's Investments

With FundsIndia, you can invest, manage and view the investments of your family members i.e. spouse, kids and parents in a consolidated manner using a common login id. You can invest individually or jointly with them by creating different joint holding mechanisms for their accounts.
2. Better and easier methods to do SIP

Single mandate for many SIPs
In the past, systematic investment planning meant execution of a separate bank mandate for each scheme you wished to invest in. Whereas now, you can setup one bank mandate for multiple SIPs across fund houses. You can setup a portfolio of schemes with percentage allotment of money and manage it as a single SIP. That is, with one bank mandate (Rs 5000 each month for example) you can invest across as many funds SIPs as you want (say, 5 SIPs of Rs 1000).

Alert SIP
This is a useful tool to those who do not wish to execute bank mandates. It helps you control your periodic investments by choosing when and how much to invest every month by alerting you to make the investments when required. Every month we shall send you an email alert reminder, you can choose how much to invest or even skip that month's investment.

Flexi SIP
For beginning investors who are not sure about how much they will be able to save every month, we offer an innovative service called the Flexi SIP. With Flexi-SIP, an investor can choose a mutual fund scheme, a regular investment amount, and a monthly investment date like for any other SIP. However, the investor will also choose a maximum investment amount. This maximum amount can be as high as 10 times the regular investment amount. After this, every month, the investor will have the flexibility to set the value of SIP for the next installment. This value can be any amount between the minimum required SIP amount for that scheme and the maximum set by the investor. The current month investment will be made for that amount. It is, however, not absolutely necessary for the investor to set this value every month. If they do not do anything, the regular amount will be invested like any other SIP. So, the investor get both the benefit of hands-off investment of SIP as well as the flexibility to change the value if they so desire.

Regular SIP vs Flexi SIP
Scheme Name HDFC Top 200 - Growth HDFC Top 200 - Growth
SIP Date 10th of every month 10th of every month
Number of SIP Installments 36 36
Regular SIP Amount Rs. 5,000 Rs. 5,000
Maximum SIP Amount Not applicable Rs. 10,000
Minimum SIP amount (for this scheme) Not applicable Rs. 1,000
What happens every month In this case, the constant amount of Rs. 5,000 will be debited and invested every month. In this case, the investor can change the monthly SIP investment to be anywhere between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 10,000. If the investor does not explicitly make a choice in a give month, the regular amount of Rs. 5,000 will be invested.
3. Invest more when markets are down & less when markets are up - Value-averaging investments

Though easy as an idea the above adage is difficult to practice. Now, FundsIndia is the first financial services firm to offer value-averaging investment plan (VIP) across the spectrum of equity funds in the country. VIP helps investors by potentially enhancing rate of return than the regular SIP. At FundsIndia we offer value-averaging transfer plan (VTP) as well to our customers.
You can read more about our VIP and VTP by clicking on the links.
4. Auto-pilot way to riches - Trigger-based investing

Often, an investor is busy in his work to buy when markets are falling or to sell at the right time to book profits, only to see the opportunity disappear.

FundsIndia is a pioneer in offering trigger-based mutual fund investing for all schemes available in our platform. With your FundsIndia account, you will be able to setup investment triggers based on Sensex, portfolio returns (gain/loss) or particular NAV value. Trigger actions include investments, redemption (partial or full) or switching investments. In simple terms it means your investments have crossed a trigger specified by you, say +20% or -20% returns overall for example and you can set a trigger action to take redeem or invest more.
5. Integrated equity platform - direct stocks, ETFs

We provide:
  • Comprehensive equity investment platform that facilitates direct exposure to the stock market and ETFs.
  • Delivery-based online trading facilities for thousands of scrips in the NSE at a very low flat brokerage.
  • SIP facility for ETF investments.
  • Pre-packaged equity baskets (a pre selected bunch of stocks) of various kinds that can be used for bulk investments.
6. Deposits from well-established corporates

FundsIndia provide fixed deposit products from well-established corporate houses in the country. The interest rates on these products are higher than interest rate offered by banks on their fixed deposits. The investors can view the investment ratings of the corporate offering the deposit and the interest rates for various terms. After which, the investor can decide the product he/she wishes to invest on. We offer deposits from companies including HDFC, LIC HF, ICICI HF and Shriram
7. Talk to our Partner, plan your financial future - Free advisory service and planning tools

At FundsIndia, we provide free phone appointment with our Financial Partners to answer your investment queries. We offer a comprehensive financial planning tool to help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals. We offer pre-packaged mutual fund portfolios that are tailored to meet various needs and investor profiles. There are many more such nifty things in our platform that will surprise and delight you in every turn of your investment experience.

A Fresh Approach to Investing

FundsIndia was created with one goal in mind - to provide great investment services to the common investor in India at a low-cost. We use technology and the online medium to create a suite of interesting services that, together, will deliver a wonderful experience to the investor.

Prudent products, interesting, useful services, great customer care come together in a way that is not seen thus far in the financial services industry of our country.

We are here to make a lasting difference in the way financial services are delivered to customers across the country. We are here to enrich India, one investor at a time.

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