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What is FundsIndia's Financial Planning service?

Financial Planning is an exercise that converts your goals/objectives into action plans and provides the roadmap and discipline approach to achieve these goals.

At FundsIndia we will take care of all your personal life goals such as your retirement planning, child's education planning, marriage funding, house purchase, managing your home loan and other loans, building up a contingency fund, reviewing your existing assets and your mutual fund portfolio and advising you on your insurance portfolio - both life and health.

The advantages of a financial planner

  • Got fever? You will see your doctor.
  • Got legal Problem? You will see your lawyer..
  • Got a problem with money? You must see your financial planner.
It is simple. A financial planner will help you determine and quantify your goals, and then evaluate your income, expenses to see how to allocate funds towards your goals in a way that your financial objectives are accomplished.....

Why FundsIndia – Financial Planning

Our financial planning process lays strong emphasis on your active involvement while identifying the appropriate, successful solutions for your life goals...

Financial Planning Process

We will have a discussion with you to gather all your financial data
We will help you in identifying the financial goals you have...


Other Benefits

The most important part of the financial planning is implementation
With our incredible online platform, you can buy all assets...