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Our Equities Platform

Welcome to FundsIndia's Equity section! Our goal is to provide a full-spectrum investment platform to our investors, and, along with mutual funds and deposits, equities are an essential part of any investor portfolio.

This is a different equity platform than the others in the market. We have specially designed this platform with some important goals in mind:

  • Simplicity -

    Create a simple to use equity platform
  • Low cost -

    Keep the trading cost as low as possible
  • Relatively lesser risk -

    Expose the investor to as little risk as possible

We have elaborated below on the features of the platform in keeping with these goals

A few notes about FundsIndia's equity platform:

An equity/demat account will need to be opened through us to use this platform
This is an equity INVESTMENT platform, and not a day-trading platform. We accept only delivery-based trades in this platform
We charge a very reasonable 30 basis points per trade i.e 30 paise per Rs. 100. This is a very competitive rate relative to our competition which charge typically upwards or 50 basis points
We have designed this as a relatively safe, low-risk equity platform for our investors. For this reason, we will not be offering margin-trading facility to our investors on this platform. What that means is that this will be a cash-and-carry system - an investor can purchase stocks only to the extent of money you have in your trading account
Keeping with the theme of safety and lower risk, this equity platform will not offer Z-category stocks for trading
Investors can purchase ETFs through this platform. However, mutual funds will continue to use our traditional platform, and not the equity exchange platform
The stock prices you see on our site are 1-minute delayed prices. Order execution will, however, be made accurately on real-time prices based on the order limits
All trade execution confirmations (contract notes) will be emailed to the customer account post execution
Please write to us at if you have any questions regarding our equities platform
Happy Investing!