Tax-planning can be quite a complicated procedure. Every single year, you have to hunt for the best tax-saving funds and make sure they align with your financial goals, while helping you save some bucks. And that’s not it! You also have to collect and maintain all the forms of your investment in order to submit them to your employer.

A lot of work isn’t it?

But just like with everything else, if you plan ahead and think smart, tax-planning will be as easy as child's play!

FundsIndia’s Tax Planning Plus

Say goodbye to all your tax planning worries because FundsIndia is here to save the day with 'Tax-planning Plus':

  • We will conduct a FREE tax planning analysis and offer individual advice on your investments to you
  • We will provide all your tax receipts and investment proofs to your employer on your behalf
  • We will hold periodic tax-planning seminars/webinars for you in order to help you understand the nuances of smart tax planning
  • You will get your investment reports delivered straight to your inbox, reducing all hassles for you
  • You will also get a rewarding investment portfolio with the best tax-saving mutual funds in India

How you can do it

Here are the various avenues of saving taxes under various IT sections:

Within Rs.1 Lakh:

Section 80C:

  • PF
  • PPF
  • Home Loan
  • ELSS Mutual Funds
  • NSC
  • Life Insurance
  • Tuition fees

Over & above Rs.1 Lakh:

  • 80CCG – RGESS.
  • 80D – Medical Insurance.
  • 80CCD – NPS.

Why FundsIndia?

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  • It consolidates all your investments and your family's investments across products at one place.
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  • All this and more, with your FundsIndia account being valid and FREE for life!