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Get personalized investment advice from our award-winning team, as well as Money Mitr - our high-tech robo-advisor! Begin growing your wealth by investing in India’s best mutual funds!


Get the best stock recommendations from top share market advisors! Multiply your wealth fast with our incredible site features and smart investments.

Super Savings Account

Why settle for 4% when you can open a Super Savings Account that gives you more? Get the advantages of a savings account with the growth of a mutual fund with this super product.

SIP with Insurance

Invest in these hand-picked Funds from leading AMCs and get free life insurance cover of up to Rs. 25 lakh! Build wealth and also secure your family’s future!

Corporate Fixed Deposits

Invest in corporate fixed deposits from leading corporate houses, meticulously verified by our research experts. Enjoy the benefits of safety coupled with high returns.


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FundsIndia Knowledge Center

Investing 101

Simply Important

What is NAV?

NAV is the per-unit value or per-unit price of a particular mutual fund scheme. The number of units allotted to an investor depends on the fund’s NAV.

Personal finance

SIP – The winning recipe to build wealth

SIPs don’t just make it easier to start investing, they also help make it a habit by automating your investments. The best part? You can start as low as Rs. 1,000!

Mutual funds

What is compounding?

Compounding is what helps money work for you. It happens when your investments earn returns, and these returns earn for you, over a period of time.


Here’s why tax-saving mutual funds are the best way to save on taxes.

While saving on taxes, wouldn’t you want the best returns out of your investments as well? That’s exactly what tax-saving mutual funds help you do.

Simply Important

What are equity funds?

Equity funds are those mutual funds that invest mainly in stocks. There are many different kinds of equity funds and each plays a different role in your portfolio.

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