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FundsIndia offers the most convenient and powerful SIP platform for mutual fund investments in India.

Systematic investment plan (SIP) is the most popular method of investing for retail investors. In this method of investing, an investor commits to investing a certain amount of money on one or more dates every month regardless of the market condition. For example, one could choose to invest Rs. 5000 every month on the 10th in the HDFC Equity (G) fund. In most cases, the money will get automatically debited from the investor’s account and invested in the fund on the particular date of the month.

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The advantage of investing in this manner is that it takes the market timing decision making out of the investor’s hands. The investor does not have to think whether the market is high or low or whether it is a proper time to invest. Also, the regular investing instils a sense of discipline to the process. Due to these factors, the average cost of investing for the investments made tend to be lower than typical point in time investment methods. Also, it enables investors to invest small sums of money over a long period of time turning their monthly savings into productive investments.

At FundsIndia, we are big supporters of systematic investments, and we have created many services around this method of investing. Apart from the plain vanilla Regular SIP, we have variants like Flexi SIP, Alert SIP, Step Up SIP, and Portfolio SIP that could suit the requirements of different types of investors. We also have advanced techniques such as Value averaging investment methods.

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