Using FundsIndia

FundsIndia is a very flexible investment platform. It is built in such a way that it is very easy to use for beginning investors. However, it also has powerful features for advanced investors to use and enhance their investment methods. It is a unique investment platform that has been built from the ground up for prudent investment process for regular investors. In the articles in this section, we will walk through some of the regular and interesting aspects of FundsIndia.

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Using value-added features

FundsIndia puts the power of investing where it belongs - in the hands of the investors. Using FundsIndia's system, an investor can employ powerful system driven processes to enhance their investment methods and drive towards a high-performance portfolio. In this section, we will cover some of these value-added features on our platform - value-averaging investments, and Triggers.

Setting up Alert SIP

Alert SIP is similar to Regular SIP except that it does not involve an ECS mandate. Hence, in this method, no automatic debits are made in the investor's account. This method requires the investor to login every month to complete the SIP transaction in their account.

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Setting up Portfolio SIP

The Portfolio SIP is very similar to a regular SIP - it involves an ECS mandate, and can invest in multiple schemes in one go. However, the distinction is that Portfolio SIP allows investors to construct an asset proportioned set of holdings that they can invest
as a single portfolio.

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Setting up Flexi SIP

Flexi SIP allows an investor to change the investment amount  on a monthly basis. An investor could use it to change the amount based on their affordability or they can choose to invest more or less depending on their understanding of market conditions. While setting up a Flexi SIP, an investor will be required to specify a regular amount and a maximum amount of investment per month. The monthly investment can thereafter vary from the minimum required for that mutual fund scheme and the user specified maximum amount. The investor can change the amount on a monthly basis, but is not required to do so. If the investor chooses to not make any changes, the regular amount as specified while set up will be used in a given month.

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Setting up Step-up SIP

Step-up SIP is a useful tool for investors who would like to gradually increase their contribution towards a particular financial goal.  Using Step-up SIP investors can set the final amount they would like to contribute to reach a goal and work their way to that final amount gradually.

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Setting up a STP

Systematic Transfer plans are a method of scheduling switches on a periodic basis in one's account. An investor can schedule a switch once every day, week or month between two schemes that belong to the same fund house.

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Setting up VIP and VTP

Value-averaging investment plan is a relatively new method of investing in the equity markets. It can be applied to a wide variety of investment instruments like stocks, mutual funds etc. At FundsIndia, we offer this method of investing using the equity mutual funds that are available on our platform. We also offer a variant of this method using the transfer process as opposed to the investment process. In this article, we provide a brief overview of these methods, and the process to set one up using the FundsIndia platform.

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Using Triggers

FundsIndia's technology platform offers a unique way for investors to manage their investments - using the concept of triggers. This article explains what triggers are and how investors can use them effectively.

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