About Planning and Investing

Saving money is good, investing money is better, and investing money with a plan in place is the best. In this section, we will look at the basics of financial planning for the future, how to design an investment plan using various asset types that are available for investments, and how to monitor the investments. While this is a very vast topic, we will try to introduce some of the basic concepts in this section to get you going in this direction.

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How to plan for a secure financial future

Planning is crucial as none of us plan to fail but most of us fail to plan. Thus, once we have assessed our financial status we can proceed to the next step of building a financial plan to achieve our goals. Otherwise most of our goals would be distant dreams.

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Primer on asset classes

Even if you are new to investing, you may already know some of the most fundamental principles of sound investing. How did you learn them? Through ordinary, real-life experiences that have nothing to do with the stock market. For example, have you ever noticed that street vendors often sell seemingly unrelated products - such as umbrellas and sunglasses? Initially, that may seem odd.

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Designing an investment portfolio

At FundsIndia.com, we provide an online investment platform, and we offer free advisory services. One of the most frequent advisory questions that we get from our investors is typically this - "I can save x thousand dollars every month. I would like to invest in mutual funds through SIP. Please suggest some funds for me".

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