About Corporate Deposits

Deposits are perennial favorite investment vehicle of investors in our country. This product guarantees an interest rate for a certain tenure. The simplicity of the product and the guarantee it offers makes it a very useful investment vehicle in every investor's portfolio. Corporate deposits offer the potential of higher returns alongside a slightly higher risk when compared to bank deposits. In this section we will look at FundsIndia's corporate deposit platform and how to use it.

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What are corporate deposits

Typically, banks are the biggest issuers of fixed deposit products in India. Since banks inherently have the trust of their customers, and since they already have the customer's money, investors find it easy to choose them.

However, there are other institutions that offer similar deposit products to investors - these are companies that are not registered as banks. They could be involved in a variety of businesses and may require capital for running their businesses. When they do, they issue deposit certificates to investors of different tenures at fixed interest rates.

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About ratings

Non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) are among the most popular entities that offer corporate fixed deposits. Examples of such companies are LIC Home finance, HDFC ltd, Shriram Transport Finance etc.

Such companies are required to get their deposits rated for their credit-worthiness. That is, they need to get a ratings grade from a rating company such as CRISIL, ICRA, Fitch, CARE etc.

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Investing in Corporate deposits using FundsIndia

At this point, the system will request the investor to provide a few information pieces that we don't already have. The system would have most of the information that it requires, but some information that is pertinent to this particular application might be missing. In that case, the system will gather these information from the investor.

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