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A mutual fund is the kind of investment that pools money of several investors and invests them in stocks, bonds, money market instruments and other types of securities. Buying a mutual fund is like buying a small slice of a big pizza. The owner of a mutual fund unit gets a proportional share of the fund’s gains, losses, income and expenses.Check out your returns from the Mutual Fund Calculator below to get an idea of the returns or the amount you should be investing to achieve your goal.

Monthly Investment
SIP Duration (yrs)
Expected return rate(p.a)
Invested Amount
₹ 12,00,000
Estimated Returns
₹ 11,23,391
Total Value
₹ 23,23,391
How to use this calculator?
Mutual funds are a way for people to invest their money together in a variety of assets, reducing risk and potentially increasing returns. It involves pooling money to buy stocks, bonds, and other assets.
SIP is a way of investing a fixed amount of money regularly in a mutual fund, while lumpsum is a one-time investment of a larger amount.
SIP helps you invest in a disciplined manner and take advantage of market fluctuations over time, while lumpsum can potentially earn you higher returns if the market is doing well at the time of investment.
Mutual funds are suitable for those with long-term investment goals, different risk profiles, and investment horizons. It's important to consider the minimum investment amount and diversification benefits before investing. Overall, mutual funds are a good option for those who can bear some risk and have a stable financial situation.

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Mutual funds are a type of investment vehicle that pools money from many individual investors to purchase a diversified portfolio of securities such as stocks, bonds, and other assets. Mutual funds are managed by professional fund managers, who make investment decisions on behalf of the fund's investors.
Mutual funds can be suitable for a wide range of investors with different investment goals and risk profiles. Novice investors who lack knowledge and experience in constructing an investment portfolio can benefit from investing in mutual funds, which are managed by professional fund managers. Mutual funds also provide diversification across a range of securities, sectors, and asset classes, which can help reduce investment risk. Investors with limited capital can access mutual funds as they often have lower minimum investment requirements. Long-term investors can consider mutual funds to achieve their long-term investment goals. It's crucial for investors to carefully assess their investment goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon before investing in mutual funds and review the fund's prospectus, investment strategy, and fees before making an investment decision.
FundsIndia Mutual fund calculator is the simplest of mutual fund calculators that offer both SIP and Lumpsum calculations. The user can get the projected value of their investment by just plugging in the Investment amount and duration along with the expected interest rate. The calculator will then display the projected value of the corpus.
Investing in mutual funds can have tax implications that investors need to be aware of. Capital gains taxes are applicable when mutual funds sell securities at a profit and distribute the gains to investors, and dividend taxes are applicable when mutual funds generate dividend income from their holdings. Some mutual funds are designed to be tax-efficient, while investing in mutual funds within tax-deferred accounts can help defer taxes on investment gains until withdrawal.
You can start investing in mutual funds at FundsIndia with the minimal amount of ₹1,000.
Once an investor opens an account with us, he can login and start investing in a variety of ways – he can invest a lump sum amount in a new scheme, start disciplined investing with a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), set triggers according to the behavior of the market, the value of units in a scheme, etc. An investor can easily choose the scheme he wishes to invest in, enter the amount he wishes to invest, and pay for it either through netbanking, or get the amount to be automatically debited from his account every month (for SIPs) through an easy one-time bank mandate. That’s it. He doesn’t have to fill any forms / cheques. We’ll take care of all the other formalities on behalf of the investor.