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As with most investment Options, the longer you invest, the larger the corpus. Check out your returns from the
Mutual Funds Calculator below to get an idea of the returns, capital gains, or the amount you should be investing in any mutual funds to achieve your goal.
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Be one of the first to add different new funds from top fund houses to your portfolio. Diversify your portfolio and capitalize on potential capital gains by being an early investor in these innovative funds.

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How Do You Want To Invest?

As an Individual Investor, You can invest a fixed income in Mutual Funds either as a lumpsum or through SIP. If you run into some good money, you could go for a lumpsum investment in mutual fund shares. When considering types of mutual funds, it's essential to factor in mutual fund fees, including the expense ratio and net asset value (NAV).

SIP, the humble hero of investing, turns small regular investments into an enormous corpus with the help of Compounding!

Whether you opt for fixed-income instruments or explore the variety of mutual fund shares available, understanding the net asset value and mutual fund fees is crucial for making informed investment decisions.

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Save tax
They can SAVE TAX! Yes, you read that right. Invest in ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme) to avail tax deductions. Mutual fund portfolios offer a range of investment objectives, including funds and target date funds that align with market indices.
Moreover, with professional investment management, individual investors can optimize their tax-saving potential by strategically diversifying their portfolios with tax-saving funds like ELSS. So, with Fundsindia, explore the multifaceted world of funds investing and discovering the potential for tax savings in ELSS.