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  • Access innovative tools like Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST) and 5 Day Margins

  • With 5 Day Margins, you can trade in the markets, up to 4x your daily limit at interest rates as low as 18%*. *GST of 18% will apply on the interest rate.

  • With Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST), you don’t have to wait T+2 days for the exchange to settle your purchase/sale transactions.


Invest in Equity Baskets from various sectors created and recommended by our research team, or create your own stock baskets


Benefit from active monitoring of your portfolio, trigger-based investing, instant portfolio reviews and more such features


Be the first to access fundamental and technical analysis research reports on companies and markets

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Goal-driven financial advice that helps you take the best investment decisions to build wealth


Dedicated advisors who help you create portfolios on demand, review and manage your investments over phone, e-mail and chat.


Stock recommendations and reviews from our research team that help you take wise trading decisions.


Updates on short and long term picks by every day SMS and weekly e-mails.


Award winning advisory services

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FundsIndia Advisors, our people champions


Certified by regulatory bodies to offer high quality investment advice


Offer you recommendations that are objective, customised and research-based


Guide investors, manage investments and review portfolios on demand

FundsIndia Equity Accounts

FundsIndia offers two types of equity accounts to customers:
a Premium Demat Account, and a Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA).

Here is a quick comparison of the two accounts:
Category Premium Demat
FundsIndia Account
Basic Services
Demat Account
Annual Maintenance Charges Rs. 200

AUM of Rs. 0 to
Rs. 50,000: NIL

AUM of Rs. 50,000 to
Rs. 2,00,000: Rs. 100

AUM of Rs. 2,00,000 and
above: Rs. 200

Demat Charges
(Sell charges per script)
Rs. 10 Rs. 20
Demat Statement Charges NIL First two statements: Free
Subsequent statements: Rs. 25
Advisory services Yes No service provided
Brokerage Charges Delivery - 30 basis points
Intraday - 3 basis points
Delivery - 30 basis points
Intraday - 3 basis points

FundsIndia strives to continually enrich investor experience.

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