Power STP

A FundsIndia Exclusive
FundsIndia Power STP is an intelligent valuation-driven deployment strategy that helps you invest lumpsum amounts in equities anytime without worrying about current market valuations. This is a proprietary equity deployment strategy available only for FundsIndia customers.
Simply put, Power STP is an effective solution for lumpsum investments that proves its superiority over the long term.
STP – Systematic Transfer Plan
How Does It Work?

Why Power STP?

Consistent long-term performance irrespective of starting valuations
Power STP significantly improves your return experience when compared to a regular Lumpsum or STP investment over 5-7 year time frames.
On a 5 Year rolling return basis,
  • POWER STP strategy outperformed Lumpsum, majority of the times – Average CAGR outperformance of 1.8%
  • POWER STP strategy outperformed 12M Simple STP, 85% of the times – Average CAGR outperformance of 2.3%
Read our blog for extensive data and research that backs up this strategy
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Who Is It Suitable For?

Long term investors (5-7 years at least) with the patience for measured deployment into equities especially during highly expensive markets.
They can be –
  • Investors concerned about investing during phases of expensive market valuations
  • Investors with fresh money (from retirement, sale of property etc) who would like to deploy the same in Equity markets
  • Investors who took the money out of markets and are looking to reinvest
Invest in STP Online
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