Power STP

A FundsIndia Exclusive
FundsIndia Power STP is an intelligent valuation-driven deployment strategy that helps you invest lumpsum amounts in equities anytime without worrying about current market valuations. This is a proprietary equity deployment strategy available only for FundsIndia customers.
Simply put, Power STP is an effective solution for lumpsum investments that proves its superiority over the long term.
STP – Systematic Transfer Plan
How Does It Work?

Why Power STP?

Consistent long-term performance irrespective of starting valuations
We noticed that the Power STP significantly improves your return experience when compared to a regular Lumpsum or STP investment over 5-7 year time frames.
On a 5 Year rolling return basis,
  • POWER STP strategy outperformed Lumpsum, 2 out of 3 times – Average outperformance of 2.1% CAGR
  • POWER STP strategy outperformed 12M Simple STP, 86% of the times – Average outperformance of 2.6%
Read our blog for extensive data and research that backs up this strategy
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Who Is It Suitable For?

Long term investors (5-7 years at least) with the patience for measured deployment into equities especially during highly expensive markets.
They can be –
  • Investors with fresh corpus (from retirement, sale of property etc) who would like to deploy the same in Equity markets
  • Those who took the money out of markets and are looking to reinvest
Investors who are concerned about current market valuations and are confused on how to deploy money into equities
Invest in STP Online
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