Stable Growth 25
Global Algorithm Adapted For Indian Investors
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What Is FundsIndia
Stable Growth 25?
Presenting to you for the first time ever “FI Stable Growth 25” based on MSCI risk-weighted methodology, a breakthrough algorithm, which has been a huge success globally, skillfully crafted by FundsIndia to adapt to unique Indian investors like you.
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Model Highlights
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Better Returns
95% of the occasions, if you held the portfolio for 5 years, the model has outperformed Nifty 50 by more than 4% and Nifty 500 by more than 3%
Free For Life investment account
Lower risk
Whenever there was a downfall in the market, MSCI model has withstood it much better (lower declines) than NIFTY 50 TRI
Free For Life investment account
Global expertise
MSCI is a leading worldwide provider of investment decision support tools, with over USD 11 trillion tracking its 200,000 equity Indexes
What Does The Model Do?
  • Maximum stock weightage is capped at 10%
  • It has a focused exposure to 25 low volatile stocks
  • It reweighs all the constituents of a market-cap-weighted MSCI parent index so that stocks with lower historical return variance are given higher index weights
  • Well-known for its automated design and rule-based working
  • Bias-Free, automated portfolio rebalancing based on smart and time-tested algorithms
Investors who are concerned about current market valuations and are confused on how to deploy money into equities
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