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Winner - ‘CNBC-TV18 – UTI National Online Advisory Service Award’
at the Financial Advisory Awards two times in a row.

When you open a FREE-for-life investment account with FundsIndia, you get:

  • Access to our unique Robo-advisory services like SIP Designer, Ready-to-go Portfolios, Smart Solutions, and more, that make investing easy
  • A dedicated investment advisor to manage your investments
  • On-demand portfolio design and review
  • Quick investment advice over phone, email, chat and Skype
  • Access to expert-recommended fund recommendations and strategies that aim to improve your investment behaviour
  • Innovative tools that allow you to implement the suggestions of your investment advisor in just the click of a button

A philosophy of research and powerful technology

The advisory system at FundsIndia is unique. Investors get access to the best of both worlds:
  • Robo-advisory services
  • A traditional investment advisor
Robo-advisory is an active technology-cum human-expertise driven investment and portfolio management service.
  • It offers a quality portfolio according to goals and time frames
  • It reviews it periodically to monitor performance
  • It enables the changes suggested by the Mutual Fund Research Desk to be implemented with just the click of a button
An investment advisor is also assigned to every investor.
  • Every advisor at FundsIndia is certified by regulatory bodies to offer investment advice
  • All research recommendations are objective, customised, and research-based
  • If investors want to revisit the advice offered to them, then they can seek the assistance of the FundsIndia Advisory Review Board

FundsIndia's advisory service is FREE of charge, and can be accessed by all who come aboard the platform.

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