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We dont
ask for Mobile No

We don't ask for your Mobile no as we are not lead generators for insurance companies. What is this? InformationMost online sites are Lead Generators. Your mobile no. & City of residence is necessary to qualify you as a Lead. Without mobile no., even a quote is not generated for you. You are just a Lead. And mis-selling starts here.


What you
can do with us?

Compare Quotes. See Rates. See our FAIR policy ratings. And purchase online. How? InformationCurrently, we are the only Insurance advisor where you can enter ALL details to purchase online. Others rely on offline process and you are likely be met by pushy Insurance salesmen. In our case, you buy from us directly.


Insurance Ratings

We provide 5* ratings for each insurance policy. These are independent fair ratings. How? InformationWe are specialists in Term Insurance and know each policy & Company details. We have arrived at a scientific & unique way to rate each policy. You will see our ratings as you compare quotes here. We have also explained our rating process.


Ethics Policy

We conduct our business with highest business ethics. What's the necessity for this statement? InformationWe hate to say this. However, mis-selling is common in Insurance industry. We wanted to upfront say that, be rest assured, we will work on your behalf & not Insurance company's. Unlike other sites, we don't ask for your phone no. & we have our own independent 5* FAIR ratings.


Policy for you

We sell best policy for you. Others sell best selling policies. What's the difference? InformationBest Selling policies for them, need not be Best policy for you. Best Policy is the right combination of Good rate + Right Riders + Company claim history.


FREE Existing
Policy Evaluation

We will evaluate your existing policy and suggest what you can do with it. Why are we doing this? InformationMost sites are only interested in selling a NEW policy to you & closing the sale. We are different. We Guide with your existing policy(s) and suggest, what to do with it. Besides the expert advice, this can mean savings in thousands for you.


Term Life Insurance Tips
  • Choose Adequate Sum Assured
  • Choose right Rider Benefits
  • Know Claim History of Company
  • Know Capital Adequacy Ratio
  • Go for Comeptitive Price
  • Right Policy Term (No. of years)
Truth about Term Insurance
  • Term Insurance is a Long Term contract.
  • Insurance is a critical component of your + family's financial planning.
  • Because of above two points, Choosing Best Policy with appropriate riders is important.
  • While competitive rates are important, a cheap rate policy may not be Best for all.
  • Giving your accurate health details is critical for easy Claim process later.
How We Help you to Get Best Policy
  • We are a 15+ years old Insurance Advisor.
  • We specialize in Term Insurance. We know each term insurance policy details + Cost + Riders availability. We can Choose Best policy for you.
  • Our FAIR policy rating process is continuously updated. These are impartial 5* ratings after detailed analysis & comparision.
  • We don't mis-sell. We conduct business with highest ethics. Try us and see a different experience.

What media says..

"FundsIndia has taken the complex problem of selecting insurance policies and solved it for the consumers with their simple and easily usable FAIR ratings".

- Leading Vernacular Finance Magazine, Nanayam Vikatan, 3/7/2011 issue

What our customer says..

"FAIR ratings have cleared away many confusions about insurance policies".

- Ramesh, Oman

*Statutory Message. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.