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Learn » About Equity Market Investing » Opening an equities account in FundsIndia

How do I open an equity - Demat account with FundsIndia?

Welcome to the Equity section of Here you can enjoy investing in shares and ETFs by opening an equity account with FundsIndia. You can open an equity trading account with FundsIndia in 3 simple steps.

  1. 1. Fill in your investor profile under the equity section
  2. 2. We will courier you the application form. Kindly sign it and send it back to us along with  the KYC documents
  3. 3. Your account gets opened in 3 working days from the day we receive the signed KYC forms
  4. 4. We will notify you via mail when the account is ready for transactions

 Account opening charges

We charge Rs.500 as the equity account opening fee. However your brokerage charges for the first three months upto the limit of Rs.500 will be free (whichever comes first - 3 months or transactions worth Rs. 1.5 lakhs) The demat account charges will be waived for the first year. A demat account fee of Rs. 200 per year will be charged starting the second year.

Brokerage and Taxes

FundsIndia's brokerage for equity and ETF transactions is very attractive when compared to the industry average of 50 basis points (i.e. 50 paisa brokerage on every Rs. 100 invested)

At FundsIndia the brokerage is Rs. 15 or 30 basis points (i.e. 30 paisa on every Rs 100 charged), whichever is higher

Please note that there are additional charges that all brokers are legally required to charge on equity transactions as per SEBI. The charges are as follows:

  1. Stamped duty/charges on delivery: 0.01% of transaction amount
  2. Securities transaction Tax on delivery: 0.125% on transaction amount
  3. Turn over tax/transaction charges: 0.0035% on transaction amount
  4. Service Tax: 10.36% on (brokerage + sum of above three charges).

These additional charges are mandated by the regulatory authority and are common across all brokers.