Talk FundsIndia: On fixed deposits – pros, cons and suitability

August 29, 2016 . FundsIndia Desk

Welcome to the first episode of Talk FundsIndia – our new fortnightly podcast. Hosted by Nilakantan Rajaraman, Data Scientist and podcast host at FundsIndia, Talk FundsIndia will cover the personal finance landscape in India, one episode at a time.

This week, we catch up with Srikanth Meenakshi, our co-founder and COO, and Vidya Bala, our Head of Mutual Fund Research, as they talk about fixed deposits (FDs) – one of the most popular investment instruments in India.

In this 20-minute episode they cover

    • the pros and cons of investing in FDs,
    • the popularity of FDs,
    • who should invest in FDs,
    • alternatives to investing in FDs,
    • what to do with your existing FD investments, and more.


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3 thoughts on “Talk FundsIndia: On fixed deposits – pros, cons and suitability

  1. Nice talk…Being subscriber of fundsindia , we will appreciate if we get regular update /advices for our choosen funds….whether we retain/ change funds… Thanks…

  2. Good start. Podcast is really a good initiative and make fundsindia unique among other investing platform company’s. Wish long success and looking forward for more useful podcast in coming weeks.

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