Seven questions

July 17, 2012 . Srikanth Meenakshi

Dorai Thodla is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur in Chennai – he mentors start-ups (including FundsIndia, occasionally), and is a go-to resource for many budding wanna-preneurs.

He recently started a series of blog posts called ‘Seven questions to an entrepreneur’ where he gets answers for seven questions about starting up from entrepreneurs in different areas. I was glad to be part of this program, and Dorai published my answers in his blog yesterday.

This gave me an opportunity to recollect my and FundsIndia’s journey a bit – a luxury that does not come often in the hectic daily schedule. You can read it here:

Thanks, Dorai!


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2 thoughts on “Seven questions

  1. Dear Srikanth, of the entiretranscript, what i liked most is the sense of responsibility you felt when you have received a cheque for an amount of 5 Lacs…
    Keeping the sense of responsibility is the key to success….

    Hats of for the platform.

    And, learned today about another great man, Mr. Dorai.

    Have a Good Day!.


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