On vacation

August 14, 2013 . Srikanth Meenakshi

Vidya Bala will be on vacation for the next few days (until middle of next week). Hence she will not be available to reply to comments in the meanwhile. I will approve and respond to comments selectively during this time.

I request you to please use our advisory support ticket system using your FundsIndia account to get access to our advisors.



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3 thoughts on “On vacation

  1. I have invested a Fixed Maturity plan 366 days (mutual fund)on 30th august 2013.The maturity date is 31st august 2014.

    Should i get the benifit of double indexsation or single indexsation???

    1. Hi Sumaya, the indices used for you will be 2013-14 and 2014-15. So it is single indexation. But it is still indexation (greater than 1 year) and that is good. Only if there is an investment made in say March 2014 and maturity in April 2015 then it will be double indexation (indices for 2013-14 and 2015-16 – that is 2 years).

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