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Akash Kapur was an Executive, Marketing Communications at FundsIndia.

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3 key tips for saving water and money

Akash Kapur

Water and money may exist as two separate states of matter, but they do have many things in common. For one, both are critical to your life. Just as you…Continue Reading

Camera lens looking up - featured image for 'Exposure Matters' an article on FundsIndia Marketplace

Exposure Matters and Other Investing Insights From Photography

Akash Kapur

Exposure. ISO. White balance.  Aperture. If you’ve ever owned a camera you would surely come across these terms and many more. You probably remember the time when these terms changed…Continue Reading

Investing lessons from Game of Thrones

Akash Kapur

Investing lessons are all around us. You just need to pay enough attention to notice them. We think that ‘Game of Thrones’ – the revolutionary TV and book series that…Continue Reading

How to fulfil your child’s dreams

Akash Kapur

Here’s a quick question for you: What do you want your child to consider while choosing a higher education stream? A. Cost of the course B. Interest in the course…Continue Reading

Investing lessons from your college life

Akash Kapur

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” – Helen Keller Every experience in your life teaches you something; and some of them can teach…Continue Reading

Three things to do after you get your first salary

Akash Kapur

You’re just out of college, and have landed your first job. You’re now a salaried individual. What you have in hand is your hard-earned money. You can either spend this…Continue Reading