FundsIndia is India’s first online-only investment platform

We provide our investors easy access to a wide range of investment products like mutual funds from leading fund houses in India, corporate fixed deposits, stocks from the BSE and much more in one convenient online location. In short, we are your one stop shop to build wealth.

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About Fundsindia

India’s friendliest online investment platform

At FundsIndia, we bring together cutting-edge technology and top-notch financial services in one powerful package. Our online-only investment platform is built on robust technology that enables you to easily invest in mutual funds from leading fund houses in India, corporate fixed deposits, stocks from the BSE and various other investment products. Our expert financial advisors constantly track the markets and analyse trends to give you the best advice to manage your financial portfolio. We complement good advice with a powerful online platform and mobile app that allows you to view and manage your investments with ease. With Money Mitr, FundsIndia’s robo advisory service, you get instant fund recommendations that are personalized for you, based on your profile, in a matter of few minutes.

FundsIndia has earned the trust of over 8 lakh users by providing them award winning investment services and expert financial advice, free of cost. Join us and begin your investment journey today.

Pioneer of service

FundsIndia ushered in an investment revolution that changed the way Indians save and invest

Traditional investing solutions are tedious, complicated, and boring. But FundsIndia was built from the ground-up with sophisticated, cutting-edge technology that recommends a personalised investment plan, to suit each of our investors. Simply put, FundsIndia makes it easier, more straight forward, and more profitable to invest.

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