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Did you know? The smartest way to invest in Gold is via ETFs if you are doing lump-sum investments. If you are doing SIPs, mutual funds are a better way to go! Good news is with FundsIndia, you can do both!

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Advanced Mutual Fund Features

  • Opt to Change SIP Amount for each installment using Flexi-SIP.
  • Maximize gains with VIP Scheme by taking advantage of BSE Index market swings.
  • Alert SIP allows you to Change Or even Skip SIP installment.!

No Fee Mutual Funds

  • Our Mutual Fund Services are completely Free.
  • This includes our advanced Value-Add SIP Services.
  • Take advantage of our Free Portfolio Advisory Services.

Other Conveniences

  • 32 local drop-off boxes across many cities & towns.
  • Free pre-printed Postal envelopes.
  • Free Phone Advisory + Online Chat Clarifications.

Auto-SIP on ETF

  • Do Auto-SIP on ETF, as you do with Mutual Funds.
  • Easy SIP set-up, Low Brokerage(0.30%), Your choice of SIP(Monthly, Quarterly etc).
  • Free, Unbiased Mutual Fund + ETF Portfolio advise.

FundsIndia Platform

  • Buy/Sell/Switch 39 Mutual Funds & ETFs from One Login.
  • Manage Your's & Family's Multiple Accounts/Portfolios in One Login.
  • Keep track of your Portfolio with Free Mobile SMS alerts.

Our Unique Strengths

  • Consolidate, Invest, Manage ALL Your Mutual Funds in One Login.
  • Simplify your Life. No need to remember Folio Nos, courier etc.
  • Free, Unbiased Portfolio Advise.